Helping you choose

  • Usare la pentola

    HIGH POTS: cylindrical, with tall sides, two handles, and always with a lid. Used for boiling pasta and meat, and for cooking soups and vegetables.
    Available in the following sizes: 22 and 24 cm diameter for 4/6 portions.

  • Usare i Tegami

    SAUTÉ PANS: round, with a curved or right-angled rim, generally with two handles, fairly shallow. Ideal for cut-up and braised, stewed or roast dishes. Useful for simmering or steaming food. Can be used either in the oven or on the hob. Smaller diameters are suitable for cooking rissoles, small meat dishes and vegetables for children.
    Available in the following sizes: 20 cm diameter for 1 portion, 24 cm diameter for 3 portions, and 28/30/32 cm diameter for 4/6/8 portions respectively.

  • Usare le Casseruole

    CASSEROLES: cylindrical in shape, they may have a long handle or two grips. Generally with a lid that closes perfectly. The cross-section of the bottom and the height of the sides form two variants: oval and shallow sauté pans. these are used for making sauces, stocks, and creams, as well as for soups and broths. The oval version can be used for cooking fish such as trout. Smaller diameters can be used for preparing and serving sauces for main courses.
    Available in the following sizes: 18/20 cm diameter for 2/4 portions, 22/24 cm diameter for 6 portions, 14 cm diameter with pourer for 4 portions.

  • Usare le Padelle

    FRYING PANS: with a long handle, they are round in shape, with sides that spread out at the top. There are three different types: deep frying pans, pancake pans, and woks are the most common. For simple fries, omelettes, pancakes, escalopes, and fish fillets. Can be used for stir-fries.
    Available in the following sizes: 18/20 cm diameter for 1 portion, 22/24 cm diameter for 2 portions, 26/28 cm diameter for 4 portions, 30/32 cm diameter for 6/8 portions.

  • Usare le Piastre

    GRIDDLES: rectangular, square, or round, they are flat, with grooves and ridges on the inside. Ideal for grilling meat, fish and vegetables.
    Available in the following sizes: 29,5x53,5 cm for 6 portions, 28x28 cm for 4 portions, 26x26 cm for 4 portions.

  • Usare la Lasagnera

    ROASTERS: a rectangular oven container with tall sides and two drop handles. Can contain 4 or 5 layers of lasagne. Mainly used for baking pasta, but also for roasting meat and poultry. It is also perfect as a baking pan for sliced cakes and pies, or for gratinées.
    Available in the following sizes: 25x18/31X23 cm for 6 portions, 35x25/40X28 cm for 8 portions.

  • Usare il bollilatte

    MILKPAN: cylindrical, single-handled container, often with a pourer. For heating milk or boiling water. 
    Available in the following sizes: 12 cm diameter for 3/4 portions.